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Greenhouse MOT!

This has been Greenhouse Week, a welcome chance to get out of the cold winds for a while and check over our elderly 20' timber greenhouse. We believe that it's lived here since the 80's but it's fairly clear that it had a life elsewhere- it has a socket for a lightbulb and wiring brackets but there has never been an electrical supply to this area of the garden! Further it has two doors, one at either end and might even have started life as two identical greenhouses which an enterprising individual joined together!

It has had a bit of structural work over the years with some wood replaced and some additional cross-members added to give it extra rigidity, as a few years ago, we noticed that the back vertical panes were starting to develop a rather charming, but slightly concerning outward 'lean'.

In recent years, we've taken to check over the Greenhouse each year for signs of rot and have worked our way through a few tins of Ronseal filler and wet wood treatment to deal with decay as we find it. Happily this year, little filler was required although we did take the opportunity to repaint the sills, window frames and eaves, and check that the roof lights were secure.

But the biggest impact comes from cleaning the panes inside and out. This makes a huge difference and gives the glass an almost silvery hue in the morning light.

All set for some early sowings in a month or so!

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