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Finally, the frosts!

Well, the frost finally arrived this week. Many of the Dahlias have succumbed but many other flowers have survived unscathed, and we should count our blessings that we've had an extra 3 weeks or so compared to usual. It's easy to get quite depressed when the frost hits. Winter's arrived, days are shortening rapidly, trees are now pretty much bare, but there's still a lot of interest in the garden, albeit perhaps a little more subtle than the bling of Summer. Our border 'editing' continues to highlight that interest and remove the distractions of flattened and slimy foliage, to reveal the jewels that lie concealed.

We'll feature some plants of interest in our Instagram feed as we progress through the winter, and we'll talk about structure and the colour green. For as long as the snows stays away, I'm going to try to view Winter with more optimism - perhaps that will hasten the arrival of Spring!

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