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Etched in white

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Winter has arrived. Everything in the garden has been dusted with a light flourish of snow. The Yew hedges not only have their crisp lines more clearly defined, they have had their sides gently brushed by Winter's caress.

The greenhouse has a menacing dark interior, though, a blanket of snow starving it of its customary light. The fish are virtually stationary under the frosted glass rim that Nature has fitted overnight. The evergreens in the Shade Border have been reanimated, snowflakes have lodged in the umbels of the Fennel like little pom-poms. Every twig on the apples in the Old Orchard has been etched in white highlighter. While the air is very still in this subzero world, it is filled with little birds of all colours, feeding on nuts, breadcrumbs, windfalls and berries.

A very different garden from the colour blast of summer, but surely no less beautiful.

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